Why My Period is not Stopping Even after Taking Medicine


Lots of female patients asks me "Why my period is not stopping  even after taking medicine?". So, it is good time to tell the root of causes of it. 

1st Cause : Medicine and Vaccine are the Cause 

If your period is not stopping even after taking medicine. It means, medicine has failed to press your this problem. In past, medicine has pressed like iron press but it did not fully heal. So, now, your problem has big and it has unable to heal with medicine. Moreover, medicine has its own side effect. So, it can increase your problem instead decreasing. So, stop to eat medicine first. You need natural treatment without medicine. 

Give Me the Answer 

Q:-  Why has God made Mouth

Ans. You will say for eating the food. Yes. you are accurate. But why send medicine to it. It is not food. Only food is medicine. The age of mango tree is more than 100 years and human life is 100 years. It means, there are unlimited useful properties in the mango which heal our all problems and strong our immunity upto 100 years. So, eat fruits and stop medicine. Fruits are the best medicine of you. 

2nd Cause : Accept, Your Life Style is Bad

You have to accept that you have eaten unnatural food in past. You have to accept that you give negative food to your brain through your negative emotions. 

Now, I give a Simple Example

There is faucet in your kitchen. We say tuti or nal in simple hindi. If it is ok, it will stop releasing if you have turn off it. But if there is disover or if it is dead, it will release the water even after turn off. 



 you did not know to turn off and with more pressue, it has broken and water leakage from faucet

Now, you need plumber to repair it. 

Like this, if you do not know to live healthy life style, you start to live unhealthy life automatically and it disover your all reproduction gland and result is unnatural and abnormal bleeding and you did not understand what is the mistake. Be humble and accept your mistake. Never debate. More and more accept, you will get more and more knowledge for improvement.

3rd Cause : Other Life Style Diseases


1. Fibroids

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