51 Things What I love

If you want to increase happiness and peace in your mind, you need to do what you love. Enjoy the life and spend in the time of things which you love. It can remove your all negative and suicide thoughts because you can find the reason of living of your life in this. If you are unable to make the list of things what you love. See my list of things what I love, you can learn its example and make your own also and read many times when you feel negative.

Pray of God 

  1. I love to thanks god every morning for his unlimited blessings. You can also write the pray or thankfulness and read or way of pray


  1. I love to work in my kitchen garden. Planting the trees and decorate plants by cutting ugly stuff.
  2. I love to study books and make its mind map
  3. I love to study repeatedly my favorite book greatest salesman of the world by my favorite writer og mandilo

Favorite Food

  1. I love to eat fruits and salad daily. I love to eat dry fruits and milk. I also love to eat dal roti

My favorite Place

  1. I love to live alone in my office and focus on my work.
  2. I love to bath in raining water


  1. I love to watch all patriotic movies
  2. I love to listen my own self positive talk
  3. I love to give reward myself by achieving any my goal. It may be eating of fruits or riding long bike
  4. I love to laugh
  5. I love to sing my gratitude songs. It is unable to pay what you have done for me.
  6. I love running and do bodyweight exercise and gym
  7. I love to focus to my dreams
  8. I love to plan what to do in later life
  9. I will lift 100 kgs weight
  10. I love to give milk to my dog and food to cows
  11. I love to get up early in the morning and sleep early in the night
  12. I love to ride my cycle
  13. I love to forgive what hurt me
  14. I love all word’s positive and creative people
  15. I love to my helpful and hard working employees.
  16. I love to get opportunity to start again after failure
  17. I love to remind the fact of truth “ This time goes whether happiness or sorrow
  18. I love learning from others and own mistakes.
  19. I love to see big tree and birds singing on it.
  20. I love to sing my own stress relief songs
  21. I love to see my childhood photos
  22. I love my mother
  23. I love to live in fresh air and winding time
  24. I love to see sunrise
  25. I love to videography. 
  26. I love to write contents
  27. I love meditation
  28. I love squatting
  29. I love when I understood maths problem
  30. I love to water to plant
  31. I love the grow of my plants
  32. I love to write blessings of god
  33. I love to write my gratitude notebook
  34. I love to write daily goals
  35. I love to fix the time for my project
  36. I love to fix the time of my specific exercise
  37. I love to clean my office
  38. I love to read online contents
  39. I love to read the biographies of great personalities of the world and inspire myself
  40. I love to read and understand the rules of success
  41. I love to make good habits in my life
  42. I love to read my dreams
  43. I love you for my readers who took time to read this.
  44. I love to swim in small river. 

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