8 Pro - Tips to Become Positive When You are Thinking Suicide

Are you still unable to think positive and avoid all your negative thoughts to suicide. Following 8 pro-tips will be helpful to become positive

1st Tip : Make the Life Amazing Slowly

Many people wants to get success fastly and do more mistakes and fails and unable to tolerate the same failure in the life and start to think suicide. It is wrong. You have to again make your life amazing slowly. Yes, believe it is possible. God has power to make the blood from food. God can make bone with milk and small seed can become big tree. One day, you can also get success if you start to learn from your failure and change your rejection to your redirection of success with your brain ideas. Now, see short cut of amazing your life.

2nd Tip : . Delay your planning of Suicide

Are you thinking about suicide. Its ok. But before doing action. Just delay this plan. Why

Because this time, you did not full knowledge that this is big mistake and you will not get chance to improve your mistake

I give a simple example

There was raining. My sand was totally wet. But I was hurry to make brick wall. I did mistake and my mistri mixed it in cement and made the brick wall. It is now weak. Why because wet sand was not fully mixed with my dry cement. So, wall is weak. I can not improve this mistake because I can not redo this process.

Like this, after dead, you can not live or live your rest life.

I have learned the lesson from my past mistake. If there is rain, I have to delay my plan of construction for 30 days. I did this promise to myself.

You can promise to yourself that when you get the thoughts of suicidal, delay this plan for next 30 days because same time, you will surely get some great ideas of success and it is surely, after 30 days, you will get success.

3rd Tip : Make the List of People Who Love and Care about You

Do Your family love and car you? No, no problem. Increase your positivity

Did you search the google for any problem and got the solution which you believe the best solution for your problem?



This solution is given by any writer or video creator. He loves you and care you and give you free service for success in your life. Add in the list of people who love and care about you.

How many times, you watch youtube videos and relax your mind or get solutions and you will release that all youtubers wants to love you and care you. Make it in your list.

Have you friend who love you and care you? Add in the list.

Do you get electricity fully in your home. Its means whole the time of electricity department loves you and care you and add in your list

There are millions of services from which you are satisfy and all wants to make you happy and you must in your list of people who love and care you. You are important because you get love. Make understand your mind to stop these negative thoughts.

4th Tip : Make your Life's Dream List

Whether you want to become rich or want to become singer or want to popular youtuber or anything in your life. Write the list of your all dreams of life. Show it in the wall. Read it daily. You will get the reason of living your life. For example, I can lift 50 Kgs and I have the dream to lift 100 kgs. This is my dream. I am working daily. I am hopeful that one day, my dream will fulfill. I have reason to live my life. You must have the hope and reason to live your life. By making your dream list, it is possible.

5th Tip : Do Breathing Holding Daily

Make the challenge to breath hold for 1 to 5 minutes. It will help to control your all thoughts. Your focus will go to breath and you will start to think positive.

6th Tip : Eat More Fruits and Do Exercise Daily

Daily eat fruits and do some exercise. Both will help you become more and more healthy and you can see positive side of life.

7th Tip : Change your All bad habits 

All bad habits brings bad action. If you will change with good habits, you will get success to think positive and avoid all your suicidal thoughts.

Following are the good habits, you can develop

1. Get up early in the morning and sleep early in the night

2. Do meditation daily

3. Read good books daily

4. Take small risks daily

5. Speak Om 5 minutes daily

6. Stop to drink alcohol and smoking

Like this there is big list of good habits. Repeat it and it will make you positive person.

8th Tip :  Make Thankfulness List and Read it Daily

You may be thankful for god for many reasons. You may be thankful to your parents, family, friends, employees and other persons of your online and offline society. Make its list by tell the reason why are you thankful and when you are depressed. Read them

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