How to Increase the Focus of Mind?

If you want to increase the focus of mind, you need to follow following simple 3 steps.

1. Organise your Time 
For Better Focus of Mind : Understand Internal system of body and applied its rules.

For mind's focus, you must need to organise your life.

First of all you have to understand why organise of life is important.

1st Reason : Best use of your time : Because you have limited time in life and you have to unlimited work and without organise, your productivity will die. With organisation of time, you can save more time and focus more on your important goal.

2nd Reason : Reduce of your Stress : Stress can kill the focus of your mind. If you have to go to office but all clothes are dirty. It is lack of your organisation of time and you did not give the time to clean it.

3rd Reason : You Got ability to complete the task before deadline : In organisation of your life's time, you set goal in online calendar and it will give alert before many times which will help to achieve goal on the deadline. For focus of your mind, organise the life's time is important.

Now understand most important work which you should organise.

(A) Set priority of work

Today, I have to go to post office and it was only for 12 pm because I did not set the priority of work in my to do list in yesterday, I could not go and late for this. So, set the priority of important work is your main organisation of your life. Before doing any action think which work is more important for you. Watch the youtube video or do important work first. For focus of mind on your goal, it is important to do all work on the priority basis. If the task is not not important. You say tasks I should do, I will do or I can delegate it to someone.

If task is important for you, you can say, I must do it today.

 See your nervous system, it will compel you to do only most important work first. It will signal that your hand is not working due to not supply of blood. Move it fastly and first for bring blood in it. Blood is the source of life. Learn this quality from your nervous system. Will your nervous system is lazy to set the priority work. Why do you? Tell me.

For Setting the Priority of Work, you can Use Google Calendar to Schedule your work one day before.

You may also keep notebook if there is priority work for next month or next week

(B) Set Cleaness Time Table 

Everything demand cleaness whether it is your body or your cloth or your room or your office or your equipment life laptop or mobile or camera. It is very necessary to set the cleaness time table in advance for week. See your intestine. It wants to clean. So, it set the early morning time. You can also your all cleaning work in morning time. This is best time for organisation of time and give time to cleaness.

( C) Set Today Goal and To Do List 

Before One Day, it is also necessary to set the tomorrow goal and to do list and if do to list is big, short it and delegate the to do list in next day. It is good management of time and it will increase your focus.

(D) Set the Timer 

Timer will help you to focus on same work and your mind will think that each second is important to complete the task. Take the example of your brain. If you do any work repeatedly, your brain set the time and you will do work on same time. So, set the time before doing the work will increase your performance and efficiency to complete same task.

2. Improve Your Focus of mind
For Better Focus of Mind : Identify Your Distraction and Control them

If you want to improve your focus of mind, you need to reduce your outside and inside distraction. It is your big barrier because your mind will go there and your will not focus of your mind on your goal. If you will solve advance of your distraction by identify your distraction, it is easy to focus of your mind.

(A) Identify and Control Outside Distraction

Outside distraction can come from your family, friends, your customers, society, news, internet and Govt.

From Family : Where you are studying, your family member can talk.  Add small cotton or headphone in your ear and focus of mind on study goal. If you are not studying or doing work, you can on the speaker of your favorite music.

From Friends : When you are doing work, your friend may come. Listen his issue or problem and set forward time to solve it.

From Customer : If customer wants to talk with you but you want to focus of your mind in other project, it may be distraction in the form of mobile call. Silent mobile and schedule the talk in other your free time. But talk must. It is good for your online business and respect of your customer also.

From Society : You can listen the street announcement through mick. You can remove this distraction by using your headphone.

From News and Internet : Just block them

From Govt. : Like Govt. has announced to lockdown upto 17th May. It may be distraction from outside but set the time to read latest announcement on specific day, you can remove this distraction whole day what it is saying.

From Negative People : Just Avoid to meet them

From Object Barrier : Sometime, you have to focus of mind on your work and you see your inverter and battery is dead and it can distract your focus of mind on your work. For this, Set this as goal to ok it through organisation of your time. Make it to do list.

(B) Identify and Control of Inside Distraction 

To identify and control of your inside distraction is very necessary for better focus of your mind on your goal.

From Your Health Issue : You may get any physical pain. Daily do exercise of all body parts will help to remove your body pain. Good eating, good sleeping will also be helpful.

From Stress : There are unlimited stress of life. Stress from lock-down, stress from finance, stress from family, stress loneliness, stress from health issues and stress from business. Solution is very simple. To do Yog Asan, Pranayam and Meditation Daily. It will help to reduce your all stress.

From Your Own Negative Thoughts and Emotions : Say THREE Words, Why

Why I can not get success? and write the solution.

From Multi-Tasking Bad Habit : Make the Good habit of focus of your mind on one task one time.

3. Invest Your Time for Motivation
For Better Focus of Mind : Stay motivated for focus of mind by reading and watching inspired books and video contents online.

Today, there are many ways to stay focus of mind on your life's biggest Goal

First is Your WHY

Remind Yourself Daily

Why is your biggest Goal of Life important for you

Repeat to Remind your Biggest Goal By Focus Mantra

(A) Watch Motivating Video Daily

Make notes and paste it on your wall for remembering this motivation.

(B) Read motivational Books Daily

Make the Notes and paste on the wall for remembering this motivation.

(C) Read Motivational Contents Daily

Make the Notes and paste on the wall for remembering this motivation.

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