How to Balance Imbalanced Blood Glucose, Harmons and Microbes in Body?

If you want to balance the Imbalanced Blood Glucose, Harmons and Microbes in Body, you need to know first side effects these imbalances and then you also know its causes and you have to take action to prevent all such reasons and you will be healthy all time.

 1. Balance the Blood Glucose Level 

If you have more blood glucose or sugar in the blood, there is risk of diabetes and if you have the diabetes, you must have control it. Otherwise, your important organs may in the risk. Your kidney, heart and liver and intestine will damage with extra blood glucose in the body which is not used by body.

 Following is the simple way to balance Blood Glucose.

  Step A : Change the Grain.

  Instead wheat and rice Eat bajar, jvar, ragi, kutu, jo and oats and savak and singare ka atta and chole ka atta.

Step B : Change the Sugar Intake Habit

Take natural sugar from fruits

Step C : Change the Oil Intake Habit 

Try to Use Coconut Oil, Til oil or Mustard Oil for eating

 2. Balance the Body's All Harmons Level

If you have imbalance harmons in the body, you may face the problem of not getting sleep, skin diseases, reproduction diseases, growth problems, BP, sugar, cancer, stress and body disturb temperature.

 Step A : Change the Milk

You can balance harmons by stopping milk which is getting from harmon injections by taking substitute like goat milk, coconut milk, milk contents from other food.

Step B : Change the Eating Food Production 

You have to grow your all vegetables in your home without chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

 3. Balance the Microbes Level of Body 

 If you have imbalance microbes, you can get the diseases of infection, inflammation and infection.

Step A : Stop to Eat Antibotics

 If you have to balance the microbes and good bacteria, you have to stop to eat antibotics.

Step B : Try Fermented Food

Eat Fermented food. Eat dahi and lassi.

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