Root cause of all diseases

In today's time, the root cause of all diseases is chemical fertilizers and chemical insecticide and pesticides  medicine in all the food items which are being added to all grains, vegetables and fruits. All skin diseases, diabetes, cancer, unstable blood pressure and hundreds of diseases are coming from them. With this, all the hospitals are full.

1. Poison in fruits

Acharya Devvrat ji said that before eating one apple in the market, it goes through 16 chemical sprays and when we eat this apple, instead of increasing the strength, the power to fight our diseases decreases and we say that we eat fruits Is still ill.

This means that apple is the highest poison  that is making your body home to diseases. Therefore, you are requested to grow your fruits and fruits in the natural way and eat only them.

 Except this, all fruits plants will be full of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. All are the creator of our human body dieseases.

Watch the video of Acharya Devvrat Ji and understand. That after today you do not eat the fruits of the market

Below is the list of pasticides which are added to the apple.


Eating this sprayed fruit causes the nervous system to die and paralysis occurs.


Eating this sprayed fruit causes constipation, upset stomach, dry mouth, dizziness, loss of coordination and paralysis.


Eating this sprayed fruit causes all skin diseases like eczema, ringworm, fungus, and cirrhosis. Because the fruit becomes poisonous, which increases the disease. Apart from this, the poison written below also goes in the name of pesticide.




2. All grains, vegetables are also poisoned

Today, all the vegetables and grains and pulses are also being poured with chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides , which is the main reason for all the diseases of today. So if you want to avoid diseases then from today

Sag sabji, dale sab mein jehar hai

Rasayan Ahar Se Sehat Bigrti Hai

Make your Natural Fertilizers for your home need

Jiva Amarit = 200 Liter ka Dram

200 liter water

Add both gaye mutra and gobar in it

2 Kgs add gur in it

Besan 1 Kgs

Khet ki mitit 1 muthi

Nimastar as natural pesticides without side effect for health

nim ki hari patiya = 5 Kgs

Desi Gaye ka Mutra = 5 Liter

Desi Gaye ka gobar 1 Kg

Pani So liter

Neem, dhatura, ark, chirata, giloye,

Prakrtik khete vale fruit ko fungus nhi lgta 13 days

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