How to Overcome the Fear of Failure to Cure Your Disease?

If you have the fear that your disease will never cure, it is your give up and this fear force is big barrier to achieve your goal to cure your disease fully.

 Following are simple steps to overcome this fear.

 1. Make the Self Improvement Notebook of your daily diet plan 

 Recording in this notebook will help to track what worked and what did not work for your body. It will helpful to plan a better your daily diet.

 2. Focus on What is in Your Control 

 a) Medicine effect is not in your control. Never expect big from medicine or any treatment.

 b) Not become barrier yourself by convincing yourself that your success is impossible.

 c) Make the Real Goal of Curing Your Disease

 3. Start from Slow Less quantity of medicine. 

Less exercise in starting Slow and less is better

 4. Start to Think Positive

 Negative thinking will give your negative results. So, think positive and say, I am healthy.

 5. Start to Continue Learning of Health Skill and Stop be Panic Start to learn new in health and curing the disease. Health is skill, it can be learned and stop panic. It will increase only your heart rate and reach you near heart attack. 

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