5 Top Benefits of Eating Chenopodium album ( Bathua )

In Hindi, we say Chenopodium album bathua. In India, it is eaten raw, with paratha and as sabji. These are green leaves and  following are the benefits of eating it.

1. Helpful to Cure Skin Diseases

With daily eating bathua, you can cure your all skin diseases. It has lots vitamin A which heal fastly.

a) Ringworm 
b ) Fungus infection
c ) Ecgyma 
d) psoriasis
e) White spot on skin
f) Itching on Skin

2. Helpful to Cure Constipation

If you eat bathua as salad three times with your food, you can cure your constipation.

3. Helpful to Your Eyes and Teeth's Strong

By eating bathua daily, you can strong your teeth and eyes. 

4. Helpful to Cure All Digestion Diseases

By eating bathua, you can cure your all digestion diseases like acidity, stomach ache, indigestion and food poison and colon problem. More over it kills stomach worms

5.  Chenopodium album is Blood Purifier

Bathua is helpful to clean the blood. Instead of buying blood purifier medicine, to eat bathua is best.

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