Naturopathy Treatment of IBD

 Friends, today we will learn how we can cure natural ibd. See, to correct the inflammation that has happened in your bowl, first of all, many anti-botics are given allopathic doctors and then it is reacted. The problem increases even more. Then the doctor recommends that you remove your colon, you get a proctocolectomy done. Or you can apply colostomy. Put a bag to cut your colon. If you clean your stomach from it, then it is their system.

 First of all, before treating it, let us tell you what is IBD.

 This is called inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in English. This means that the Supreme Father God  has created an immune system in the entire body. As soon as someone attacks the infection body, then the body which is our body turns into redness and starts burn sensation. Our digestive system starts from the mouth and goes up to our rectal cavity. If any virus, bacteria or infection germs attack, our brain starts burning that place to finish it and the immune system Rides like this. So this is what we call IBD.

 During this time you will have a lot of problems.

 1) You will have stomach ache

 2) You will feel less hungry

 3) You will be very tired

 4) You will not have sleep because of it at night Are you facing IBD problem?

 Are you facing IBD problem?
Have you constipation or loose motion from long time?
Have you pain in stomach?
Have you ulcerative colitis?
Have you crohn's disease?
Are you feeling fatigue?
Have you blood in your stool?
Are you not feeling hunger of food whole day?

If answer of above one or more question, you have to focus to cure your IBD problem naturally from this video.

1st Step : Sleep  10 to 12 Hrs daily

2nd  Step : Stop to Eat non veg. ,eggs, oily food, salt, sugar and artificial sweets.

3rd Step : Eat more fiber

4th Step : Drink more juice

5th Step : Chewing 32 times

6th Step : Do regular exercises, yog and walking and running.

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