How to Strong Muscles of the Body

Human body's muscles are about 700 whose main goal is to give the force and movement. All movements are done with the help of different muscles. These are soft tissues which contains protein filaments and actine and mysin for smooth movement of the body. But if your muscles are weak, you will feel that you are not fit to move or have force to pic anything. Muscles weakness gives you main problem of mobility. If your cerebellum and The vestibular system are both ok, you can increase your strength of mobility and force by strong your muscles of the body. These weakness muscles comes due to stress, depression, decreased the blood pressure and tiredness.

Following are the Steps to strong your muscles of the body.

1. Prepare for Exercises

You all knows the only exercise can increase the strength of your muscles. If you want to strong your muscles of the body, you have to do exercise morning and evening. But one of the wrong thing happens in your exercise schedule that you do not prepare for exercises. For example, if you have studied whole year all the topics of your subject but you missed the preparation during exam. days, this mistake will bring failure in exam. because your over confidence is the sign of ego and you did not remember the correct answers. Same if you do not prepare for exercises, you will get only side effect from muscles gain exercises because either you get injury or strain in your muscles. 

There are two sub steps of Exercises

(A) Warm Up Before Exercise 

Before starting the exercise Warm up 15 minutes

(B) Cool Down After Exercise 

You must cool down after exercise for 15 minutes.

2. Exercise 

After warm up for 15 minutes, it is necessary to do exercises.

Push up is the best exercise. Do 250 push ups in 7 to 8 sets

Ram murti push ups is second best exercise. Do 150 ram murti push ups in 7 to 8 sets

3. Diet 

1.  In diet, you need to eat grams for protein.

2. Sprout Grain for carbohydrates.

3. Eating fruits for vitamins

4. Drinking More Water

It is necessary for strong your muscles. 

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