What is Hernia?

I can explain Hernia in very simple words. In our stomach, there are two types of intestines. One is big intestine and second is small intestine. Our long and big intestine size is 35 to 40 feet and small intestine is of size 6 to 9 feet.

For better understanding, you can take a water pipe. Like this 35 to 40 feet pipe, same pipe is our big and small intestine. Its breadth is one inch. It covers with inside skin layer. There are three types of skin layers of human body. Outside skin. Second is muscles. Third is inside skin layer. Due to our mistakes of life style, this inside skin layer tears and some part of small of big intestine comes from inside skin layer and this disorder or defect of human body is called hernia. 

Sometime hernia comes when there are heavy size of intestine and it breaks the inside skin wall and it is painful situation because your heavy intestine breaks already weak part, so, it will give painful sensation when a person eats because after eating big meal, intestine size will increase and come out of broken part of inside skin layer. If the person will follow natural rules and regulation, it will heal naturally.

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  1. What are the natural rules that a person needs to follow.


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