10 Exercises which We can Do in Home

Exercises are very necessary for good health. But main problem is shortage of time. Due to shortage of time, you can not go to park or gym. Due to this, your exercise routine will harm. Due to this, you will take the risk of your health. Health problems' main root is not to daily exercise. Body is machine. Physical movement is must for keeping it fit. Without this, you will face, skin problems, heart problems, kidney problems, liver problems and brain problems and lungs problems.

You can solve you problem by doing following Exercises in your home. Each exercise, you have to do only for 1 Minutes. I am giving you 10 exercises which you have to complete in 30 Minutes. and also get 2 minutes rest of each exercise.

1st Exercise. Simple Jumping

Set the time only one minute. Start to simple jump I think. Within 60 seconds, you will do 60 jumps which will give movement to your whole body in your home. It will give the power to whole body and it will strong your heart. It will bring flexibility in your each muscle.

2nd Exercise : Cross Jumping

Just jump and open your legs flat and also open your hands flat. It will also flexible your body. It also strong your heart.

3rd Exercise : Standing Running

If you run on one place for one minute. It will warm up your whole body, whole blood circulation and nerves. Do it daily.

4th Exercise : Simple Push Ups

Simple push ups, you can do in your home. Just set the alarm and start push up. It will increase your immune system and strong your chest and arms. You can do easily 100 pushup in 1 minute.

5th Exercise : Ram Murti Push Up

Ram murti push up make you steel within one month if you will do it regularly for one minute daily in your home. You can only 15 complete set of ram murti push up but with this, you will also do yogic pranavyam with this which will make also your lungs strong and you will save from all diseases of respiratory.

6th Exercise : Squat 

Squat is very necessary for strong your body private part and reproduction system health. It makes strong the muscles and bones of your leg. Just do it for one minute daily in your home. You can do easily 60 in one minute. It will helpful to heal the itch in private area of both man or woman.

7th Exercise : Sleeping Cycle

Just sleep with your back and up your leg and start to do movement like you are riding the cycle. It will burn your fat if you are tired and also it will help to heal your knees pain. If there is no pain, it will strong your knees and foot

8th Exercise : Simple Lunge 

It is good exercise of your body's hips. Keep touch one knees and keep up second knees as angle of 90 degree with foot and earth. Rotate your leg side.

9th Exercise : Side Lunge

It is also like simple lunge but side way. It will increase your plate's strength and flexibility.

10th Exercise : Tricep Dips

Take the help of bed and capture it with your hand and start to up forward and down below. Do it for one minute. It will strong your back and knees.

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