Is there any way to measure the health benefits of exercise?


  1. today check your weight whether overweight or underweight. Choose best exercise for weight loss or weight gain. Do regular same exercise for 1 month and see result. You will reach your optimum weight.
  2. Check your bp and if it is low or high, do walking exercise daily for one month and again see bp, it will normal.
  3. Take sugar test and start daily exercise and see sugar test, it will be normal.
  4. See your mood, just do some exercise in part and check your freshness. It will boost.
  5. Try to remember anything. Note the time. Do exercise for one month morning and evening and again try to remember. It will take less time.
  6. Check your chest, bycep and trycep and start gym and benchpress for one month and your every muscle will grow.
Watch following video for more details

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