Top 2 Causes of the Neck Pain

Today neck pain is common like headache or cold. Patient who has the neck pain fastly goes to doctor for eating medicine and pain killer injections. But it is totally wrong because it has lots of side effect. Best way to understand the causes of the neck pain and solve the causes, your neck pain will naturally cured.

There are Two Main Causes of Neck Pain

1. Wrong Posture of Keeping Neck 

During Sitting, During Standing and During Sleeping, we keep our neck in wrong posture. More time, we keep our neck bent. Due to this cause, neck muscles, neck joints, neck bones, neck nerves and neck veins and neck skin feels more pressure on it. Due to this pressure, it starts pain and it will difficult to move the neck. Best posture of keeping neck is to keep neck straight. With this neck muscles, neck bone, neck veins, neck nerves feel relax. No cause no problem.


a) During Work, sit in proper posture. Neck must be straight during sitting and support back. Straight also back also.
b) Support also your neck with pillow. Never big or small pillow.

2. Lack of Proper Exercises of Neck 

One of second cause of neck is lack of proper regular exercises of neck. When I give suggest to do the exercise of neck for making neck healthy, patient starts to temporise my advice. Temporise means to avoid making a decision or committing oneself in order to gain time. Temporise is one of bad habit of human being.

With exercise of neck, there is full movement of neck bones, neck nerves, neck muscles, neck veins and neck skin. Lack of these movement,  neck joints become hard and become inflexible and when time demands to move, we feel neck pain.


Start following exercises for Removing all time neck pain.

1. Bend down neck upto chin touches to chest and then move it back.

2. Move the neck right and left.

3. Rotate the neck from right to left and then left to right. 

Do above exercise two to five times a day.

Following are the video tutorials for natural treatment of neck pain

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