What should We do Every Day to Build Self-Confidence?

Above video is the best answer in which I told all the positive actions which you can take daily to build your self confidence. Now, I explain it in words.

If you ask me what should we every day to build self-confidence, I will say that you can do many things and you can repeat same things in many times of a day.

1. Practice to Focus Your Mind on Your Strength Daily

In a day, our mind thinks 50000+ thoughts and 90% thoughts are negative and all these thoughts are relating to future anxiety and future fear and past guilt. These thoughts have born from focus on our weakness.

For example, you did not clear IAS exam. after attempting 3 TIMES and after fail in it, you will spend your time to guilt yourself and your ability.

(A) By saying, my brain is dull. I forgot fastly.

(B) By saying, I did not support from family in the form of good diet and peaceful study environment

( C) My IQ level is lowest

(D) Questions in AIS Exam. came out of syllabus

All the are the complain and guilt feeling of past happened things

Then next day, you start to fear

(A) My future is no more

(B) I will be jobless

(C) I have to suicide in future because I am unable to achieve IAS because my family is expecting same from me. Only fearful person can think like this because he wants to fly from this world fight

(D) I will die in poverty

(E) In the preparation of IAS exam., my all energy has consumed and I failed and now, I did not have any energy and in future, I will surely migraine problem from this.

All these thinking is of future anxiety and fear.

At this time, I first say to you to come out from your past guilt and future anxiety.

Every day when guilt and fearful thought will come in your mind, Say

DR. VINOD KUMAR has told me


I have to stop to think past guilt thoughts. I will have to think to accept and good what happened in past.

I have to stop to think fearful thoughts regarding my future. Future is made through present focus.

I have to stop to think negative present time. I have to find my own abilities. What my soul give me direction which place is best for me.

Yes : I find. I can write good. In school days, my written essay had appreciated. Great

I will focus to write and I will become the writer.

Writing is your strength point instead to become IAS

Great writer has changed the millions of people life. Every day, I read my favourite write book Og mandilo. I read Gita. I read Satyarth parkash. I read Darshan. I read VEDA. I also write daily something. I wrote 4000+ contents. I wrote more than 30 books and got success because I know instead focus on IAS, it is better to focus on the thing which I love to do and I want to do and I think, I am able and I am thinking that I can make its master peice. I am thinking, I can bring it at highest level. So, you have to forget what other expect from you and you have to devot your full energy in the things what do you love daily and you see that your skill will grow and your self confidence will start to build.

If you just focus only writing the great content online, you can billionaire. Because writer has big power.

You may have the comedy skill instead IAS clearing talent. Why are you wasting your time in guilt not clear IAS. Start to focus on developing your comedy skill. Millions of people are the fan of Indian bollywood comedy actors because they did everyday practice on developing their skill of comedy by focus on this ability of their life. You can also do like this by going the path on the successful people of the world.

If you want to build self-confidence in health by taking daily action, then, you have to stop your fear of increasing your disease in future. You have to focus on following your strength

(A) Focus on MAKING Good Habit Strength Daily

Daily see what are your bad habits

Are you eating daily outside

Stop it

Are you get up late daily

Stop it

Are you sleeping late

Stop it

Are you drinking alcohol and soft drinks

Stop it

Are you not eating fruits and green veg. daily

Are you not regular in walking and exercise

Stop it

Stop this bad habit

Convert it with good habit of get up early in the morning

Convert it with good habit of sleep early in the night

Convert it to eat fruits and green veg. daily

Convert it to do exercise daily


(B) Focus to MAKING Positive Emotion Strength

You have the ability and strength to make any emotion of your life. You can make negative emotion or positive emotion. Everything what happened in past, you may have the emotion to say good. What is happening in the present, you may have the emotion to say good. What will happen in the future, you say good. It will possible when you will smile, laugh, trust, optimistic regarding life and forgive other's mistake. So, LOVE Daily to everyone, everything and every of your action. LOVE has big power which is in your hand.

(C) Control on Your Tongue

Your own tongue is your main barrier. It is one but you can take two functions from it. One is taking taste and second is to use it for speaking and expressing your own thoughts. Control your taste limit. Control what are you speaking and daily practice on it will boost your self confidence. Speak with love helps you to make large number of good friends. Stop to take taste from harmful things will make you healthy all time. 


  1. Dr. Vinod, I like how you started this by saying we should focus our mind on our strength! It is so easy to think about the things we feel we lack (which is often blown out of proportion by us if you ask me!) Focusing on our strengths builds confidence! These are great tips and thanks for sharing! I am bookmarking your site!

    By the way, thanks for the comments you dropped on my website!


  2. Thanks Jennifer Pompaski for visiting our website, read, comment and bookmark.


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