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How can I develop self-confidence and self-esteem?

Ha ha ha, I am feeling happy who ask the question. Because when you say I, it means you already some self confidence but you didn't see.
1. You have self confidence to operate internet on mobile.

2. You have self confidence to write good English

3. You have self confidence to think your self growth.

4. You have self confidence to use quora by learning from experts

5. You have confidence of healthy brain

6. You have self confidence to best investment in mobile.

All above is your strength points, you just only focus above and develop it for helping helpless and you will get success and success will develop your self confidence in everything.
I have explained details in following video, 

watch now

If you have good strength in using of mobile internet, start to teach it to other who are new for online app or online mobile software. During teaching, you will focus to learn its advance level and you will expert in use of mobile like pro and you do your mobile teaching online or offline business and be confident. Now ready to focus only learn to mobile technology.

If you write good English. Spend more time to learn English and write more. Read more books in English and your this focus helps you to develop your self confidence because you become master and guide other in English and sell your written online or offline books and inspire others life.

If you are good in thinking, you have to develop this skills and become psychologist and help to psychology patient and earn fees and develop your self confidence.

If you love to read quora, focus on answers in quora and be quora expert and promote your books, ebooks, course and got success and develop your self confidence.

In end, only focus on your plus point will develop your self confidence and self esteem.

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