10 Benefits of Push Ups

Every exercise has great benefits for health and fitness. Push ups is one of the greatest exercise. All the sports people, athletes, players, defense people and competitors love to do push ups daily because it has lots of wonderful benefits. Whether you are man or woman, you should do the push up daily from 100 to 500 daily in its different varieties.

1st Benefit of Push Ups :
 Increase the Strength of Body 

If you will do daily 100+ military push ups, your strength of body will increase. First of you should understand what is strength of body. Strength of body means strength of muscles and strength of bone. In muscles of body, we can include outside muscles and inside muscles. Outside muscles, we can include chest, shoulders and arms muscles which will be strong with push ups. With this, you will be fit. Inside muscles like heart, kidney, brain and liver and intestine muscles will strong and you will be healthy.

a) With strength in muscles, we look young.
b) If your bone will strong, you will less chance of fracture due to falling on the earth.
c) Due to strength in body, you will be balance all time and it is less chance, you will fall.
d) Because all inside heart, kidney, intestine and liver muscles are strong, it is good for free from diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure and heart failure.

2nd Benefit of Push Ups : Weight Growth of Under Weight People and Weight Loss of Over Weight People

Push ups helps only to collect all time energy in your muscles. So, if you are underweight, your muscles will grow and your weight will increase. If you are overweight, your fat will burn and you will reach your optimum weight. It is the best body weight exercise


3rd Benefit of Push Ups :
Increase the Immune System Power

Immune system saves us from all type diseases. If your immune system is low, you will capture in the different diseases very fastly. One of great benefit of push ups specially ram murti push ups if you do it 100 times daily, your immune system will increase because

a) It is done with Pranyam, so, more fast pure oxygen will go inside and it will increase your immune system

b ) Many asans have done in this push ups, so, all benefits of asan will strong your immune system.


4th Benefit of Push Ups : 
Make Powerful Chest

Push up like clapping push up will make your powerful chest. In chest, there are back bone, heart, lungs and lung bone and chest muscles. It means, all will also powerful with clapping push ups

5th Benefit of Push Ups : 
Strong Your Shoulder Blade and Hand Grip 

In wide grip push ups, we do like normal military pushups but space between two hand will be more than normal push ups. With this, shoulder blades will also open. It is tough than normal push ups but it will strong your shoulder blade, shoulder bone. You only remember to slow start and make the stamina to do this push up by regular practise. Same if we do on the hanging bar it will become wider grip pull ups

6th Benefit of Push Ups : 
Strong Your Triceps 

With Diamond Push ups, you can get great benefit of strong triceps. This muscles are back of between your shoulder joints and elbow joints. If it will strong, your performance of your day to day activities in which your arms and hand are using will increase. If you are in sports and competitor in swimming, tennis, volleyball or basketball or cricket, your power to hit with hands will increase due  to this triceps.

7th Benefit of Push Ups

Increase the Power of Brain

You know that human body's controller is brain. If you do regular hand stand push ups, you can increase the power of brain. It is great benefit of handstand push ups because whole blood will flow to brain fastly with pure oxygen and brain will be powerful. If brain will powerful, its all functions will improve

(A) Your memory power will increase
(B) Your Whole nervous system will increase
(C) Your focus will be higher level
(D) Body will be more balanced form
(E) It will reduce your stress, tension, depression, anxiety because brain feel more cool by coming lots of blood due to this push ups

8th Benefit of Push Ups

Strong Arms 

If you want to do strong your arms, you must try the one hand push ups. One hand push up will give more weight on single arm to when you up the whole body after pressing it. So, with this repeat challenge, your arms will strong. You can start table one arm push ups and then reach at regular one hand push ups and you will continue increase its number and change the hand and after one month, you will see your strong arm and you can also increase your number of push ups.

9th Benefit of Push Ups

Push up like Superman Push ups has great benefit to bring the power in body like superman because in superman push ups, we practise to fly in the sky during push up and it will increase whole body power. You see the superman movie and you see that superman can do everything for fighting with evil powers. Like this, this push up will make you steel to fight each evil power.

10th Benefit of Push Ups

Strong your Both HANDS

If you start to do back clapping push ups, your hand will strong and you can win the competition of boxing because there will be good exercise of hand by clapping. With this clapping, body hand will get the power and it will strong like steel because after clapping it goes to earth for pressing in this type of push up. By this push up, if you will fight with your punch, other will unable to tolerate your punch because due to this strength exercise, you have extraordinary power.

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