Why should We Respect Our Parents?

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1. Our parents and God is our Creator and name Giver

 When anybody will ask whose kid are you? If you are unable to give your parent name, it means in this word due to unethical relation between your parent. We say with proud by giving our parent and God's Name. Due to this, you can live in this world with respect. It is enough to give thanks to your parents. We have to make our mind understand. We have to teach our mind. Our mind is so fool. He does not know the importance of thankfulness and respect of parent. Your mind did not get education of first class. From today, please start to educate your mind. Dear mind, you never insult your parent.

You never think that they did not do for you. Parent have also heart. You did not insult your parent in their front. You have only think that your parent did not do anything for you. But this voice will go to your parent though natural telepathy system. When they will find that you have insulted them in their back, they will feel sad and they will feel pain. You have to think positive and positive voice will go to the heart of your parent. 4 years ago, my mother had died. But, I remember her kindness daily. With this, my happiness has increased and I think, my mother did not die. She is always with me. She is always helping. You get always help from your parent if you will have the attitude of respectfulness and thankfulness.

If you will not respect, it means you are insulting yourself and your creator.

2. There are unlimited kindness which our mind has forgotten, just remember, you will remember unlimited kindness of your parent and you are giving thanks for all these kindness. 

When you will talk regarding with your parent, you should only talk plus points of your parents. Forget all negative points. Never listen if any backbite of your parent's negative points to you. There is no benefits in your life's biggest goal.  If you will speak anything wrong, it will reach other's heart because your heart and other heart is the place where god is living. God is omnipresent. Your heart god is in also of your parent's heart. So, never give pain to parent by disrespect to your parent.

3. If you will give respect to your parent, you will get the blessings from parent and it will give you happiness. 

There is big power of blessings of parent. If you are insulting to your parent, it means you are getting curse from them and it will surely fail to your life. Be successful by respect to your parent.

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