Will My Asked Question be Published in Your Website or Your YouTube Channel with Your Given Answer?

Question by Student

Will My Asked Question be Published in Your Website or Your YouTube Channel with Your Given Answer?

Answer by Me

If you will ask any question from me, your asked question and my answer may publish in my website or youtube channel or both. As per my thinking, share of your question does not break your privacy.

Question is not private. If there is some private information in your question, We will delete if we will publish, your question. If there is something private in my written or audio or video answer, same part, I will delete before publish in my website or youtube channel.

Your question and my answer is my free public education policy not under my private knowledge or my privacy policy. It does not break your confidential information. It is again my truthful promise. I will not share your personal name, your address, your phone no., your whatsapp no., your photo, your alternative mobile no., your alternative email id or anything which I believe that it should be private.

Still, I am human being and can do mistake. If you see anything in my website https://www.sdnhospital.com or Swami Dayanand Naturopathy YouTube channel which is leaking your private information, it is your truthful duty, please  immediately inform me at my WhatsApp +91-9356234925 . I will delete same written and video content. So, that, I will be truthful to my promise to you. Your privacy is our most importance priority.

If you want  that your question and my answer will also not publish, please write in every question

Dr. Vinod Kumar, please do not publish my question and your answer.

There are lots of public questions, following is example

Why should not eat Poha ( flattened rice ) to the diabetic patient?

It is total public question and if you want to keep same question and my answer will be private. I will reject your request because

1. There is no information who asked this question, so, this is public question and your name, address, email and mobile phone is not written with question.

2. In my question, I say only student which student. It means, there is no information of you from my answer also.

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