How to Overcome Sexual Thoughts?

When I diagnosed the patients personally in the past, I came this fact that they think more about sex. Due to this, they watch lustful video, lustful movies, lustful audio listening and seeing the lustful photos. Due to this, they do the masturbation and both men and women are addicted of this bad habit of masturbation. Due to this, they have the disease. Due to this, they are unable to focus on the biggest goal of their life. They did not achieve the biggest goal of their life. Whether, you see the lustful video or do masturbation or focus on these lustful things, it is the blast of bomb. You could not understand the bomb for making failure you in the life. Now, you are just fearing from its lights because you are seeing darkness of future.

Today, I will not say to stop masturbation or stop porn or stop to watch lustful videos. Today, I will not say to focus only on the study or on your job. Today, I will give only a very small understanding about where are you doing the mistake. This understanding, I have received from my Gurus  and my God and you need this understanding for overcome of all sexual thoughts.

Addicted of sex thoughts come to my whatsapp and told. Dr. Vinod Kumar, please tell me the method to overcome the sexual thoughts. I am unable to leave the masturbation and watching porn. I am unable to focus on the goal. So, as Doctor, I asked the question from them through this tutorial

A person who did not drink single drop of water in last 10 days. He is saying to me, "Dr. Vinod, tell me how to drink? I kept the water near to him. It means, he did not thrust of water. One other person who did not eat 20 days food, came to me and say to me, "Dr. Vinod, please tell me how to eat the food? I gave 5 wheat bread and 2 sabji for eating but he was asking the method of eating. What does it means. It means, he was speaking lie with me and he had not hunger. If you have the problem from last 10 years and your focus is not to overcome this problem and it means, you did not have the will to overcome this problem. If you have the desire, understand this lecture with full of focus.

1st Step : Think - Our Thoughts are Boiling Milk Bubbles 

Everyday, we think more than 50000 thoughts and every second, we are thinking with our mind. Only 1% is positive and rest is the negative of all these 50000+ thoughts. Now, your mind will start to think about sex. You have to start to think, it is nothing, it is the bubbles of your boiling milk. Your focus to see all these boiling milk bubbles.

Sub Step 1 of 1st Step : Think it comes and Goes and Never Focus on it

You see, when you will boil the milk, bubbles will come and go. You do not sit helpless to see them. You take the spoon and round in the milk. It will go vanish.

Again, I focus on this

When sex thoughts will come into the mind, see it that it is nothing but your boiling milk bubble. If you will sit without any positive action of decrease the fire or round the milk with spoon, it will start to big and kill you from your mind, body and spirit. So, you have to focus not focus on such sex thoughts. I did not say to stop it. I am saying stop focus on it. Because it is not your goal of life to enjoy to see big bubbles of milk. These big bubbles has power to remove your all milk. You have to cut it with spoon before becoming it big.

Again Remember

Use Spoon to stir the boiling milk.

In your life, spoon is your focus on your biggest goal of life.

Imagine a cook. His goal is to make the sweet of milk by boiling it 1 to 2 hrs but bubbles may kill his milk. So, he focused his duty to stir the boiling milk bubbles and achieved his goal. You can also achieve your goal by not focus on these sex thoughts and focus on the biggest goal of your life.

You had done the biggest mistake. When you think the sex thought which is natural boiling milk bubble. You have continually focused on it and started to make it big by watching more and more porn videos and in end, you have seen its blast by opening the zip of your pant and started to do masturbation or sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend and become the failure to achieve the biggest goal of your life. Because it is the waste of time.

Now, you have to become smart. When any sex thoughts comes to your mind and brain again. Now, not to focus it. Help it come and go. It has nothing. Again, I am saying without milk bubbles, sweet of milk will not become. Like this, to think the thoughts are important whether it is positive or negative.

Sub-Step 2 of 1st Step : Focus only on the Thoughts which will become Ideas and Imagination of Achieving your life's biggest goal. 

Be relax and focus on the thoughts which will become your ideas. Think with idea, I can achieve my goal. but it has this short coming. Ok, I am thinking other idea. Yes but, it is very long. I am thinking other idea. That is great. It is best way to make the imagination of achieving the goal. I am making its mind map.

Some persons do not focus on their own ideas and they did not get success many years and some people within few years achieve the goal with their own best ideases. Great example of wonderful idea based success are facebook, google and whatsapp. All are solving the problem of final user. Founders of all these companies have also sex thoughts but they did not focus on these thoughts. They allowed come and go and focused only great ideas and achieved their goal in the form of facebook, whatsapp and google and today billions of people are getting benefits free from these products.

But if you will start to focus on sex thoughts, you will have the attachment with them. Means, one sex thoughts will go, you will start to think next sex thoughts. Then to think next sex thoughts and you will always think only on sex which impact on you negative. Now stop focus on it

Start to focus, what do you want to become in your future life. How will you see your personality in future. You may have the biggest goals of life like increasing your height, decreasing your weight or increasing your weight or becoming famous singer or becoming greatest scientist of the world or you may want to become IAS officer in next year. Everything can be possible.

If you are upset or have the boredom or you are unable to achieve your biggest goal. Then, try to think new ideas and think what are biggest goal behind the biggest goal of your life. For example, you want to become IAS for good status and money. It means, you can achieve both if you are overage and failed in IAS exam. in past. You can achieve it with your innovative ideas.

Due to your bad focus on bad things, you wasted your last 30 days. Whole last night and you are failure due to your bad habits of your health. Get up early in the morning is good habit but due to your bad addiction, you are failure in it and you get up late in the morning and with ill health, you are failure in the everywhere of your life. So, focus to develop good habits in your life. Try to focus good qualities like thankfulness, truthfulness and respectfulness.

Success = Ideas + Imaginations + Positive Actions on your ideas and imagination

So, be successful with your focus on your good ideas only and other thoughts should be avoided from your thinking of focus.

Video Tutorial

I have explained this concept with following video tutorial

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