How can I Share My Personal Information to you for Getting your Paid Personal Treatment?

Question by Patient 

There are so many questions are so personal in your diagnosis questions. I can not share it with any other person. I will not share because I am fearing that it will leak. How to overcome this fear?

Answer by me 

1. Soul does not have Fear 

First stop ego, you are body. You are soul. Your Soul is always pure.

2. Need to Know Personal Information to Find the Level of Dust in Your Mind Only 

 There may dust in mind. As a doctor and as your Guru, I need to only find and give a way to remove such dust in your mind. Dust in mind will clean, you will be pure.

3. Remember My Truthful Promise 

 It is my truthful promise, I will use your all answers. only to remove your mistakes and improve you like a student will show his spelling


I will check and tell, dear student, it will be


Without checking student spelling, how will Guru gives knowledge.

4. Trust on Me, I will not Share Your Personal Information

 Trust is power. Every day surgeon operate daily every part operation for saving the life of patient. I am also a naturopathy surgeon. Trust me and bring courageousness and bring faithfulness in your mind.

5. To Share Your Personal Information is Opportunity for You 

 In end, I gives opportunity

If you don't want to give any answer from any reason. No problem.

Just write answer no. And leave it without answer which you feel most private

I will imagine of not given answer

a ) keep secret from doctor

b ) not trust at that level

c ) fear and future doubts

d ) your desire is not to give that answer

f ) feel confuse between truth and lie inside your mind

And you can give other answers please

Thanks and Love

Dr. Vinod Kumar

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