I believe abortion is wrong. Can you change my mind?

Question by Patient 

I believe abortion is wrong. Can you change my mind?

Answer by Me 

Yes, only I can change your mind. Because you started to believe in truth. Any woman decides for abortion due to negative thinking of her mind. If there will no negativity in her mind, no abortion will be done in the world. If we will succeed to give this positivity awareness, we can save 56 million murder of unborn babies  which are done on the name of abortion legally and illegally.

( A) Fear in the mind of pregnant woman

If a woman pregnant before marriage, she starts negative thinking

Pregnant before marriage is bad

Why bad

Because she is fearing criticism from her parents, friends, relatives and whole world.
It is bad, she made unethical relationship before marriage but pregnant due to this is not bad. Pregnant and give the birth to the baby is truthful duty of God.


God is real creator of the baby inside pregnant lady.

Tell me who will join billions of cells in body

Who will make 1 lakh km + blood supply line in upcoming baby

Tell me who will make heart, kidney, liver, intestine, eyes, hand, legs, lungs, bones, skin, ears, tongue, foots, joints, nerves

Tell me who will give breathing, intestine movement, heart beating and blood circulate

No one can do this except god.

Do you think God is fool that you will do big murder of his creation due to your fear and ego of your personal right on the baby inside your utrus  and you will free from his punishment.

No, it is impossible

God is judge of judge

God is king of king

If you will do this abortion crime, God will give you punish you in the form of

Overy cancer
Uterus cancer
breast cancer
Unable to conceive next baby
Unlimited way of his punishment which I can not tell with my small brain.

 Now, you forgive your past mistakes from God.

God is so kind

He will forgive your all past mistakes.

Now you have to promise to God that you will bear baby at any cost

You start to think positive.
  1. I will say that baby in my stomach is the property of God. I am just doing my truthful duty. My duty is to care baby. This duty has started when God has made my uterus at the time of my own creation. This is truth. By killing this baby, I will cheat with God. By killing this baby, I will break the heart of God. My every harmon is made by God. If I will cheat with my duty, my all harmons will bring untruthful harmons and it is sure my periods will never balance. I will reach to uterus cancer with this untruthfulness.
Now question can ask who will feed to it? 

Give positive answer

I will start my own truthful business. God will help in it. Because God is only giver of food. My business will give money to me. My kid will protect this truthful business.

Now again your negative mind ask the question

Who will give this baby name of father. Every time, you will face insult. The mother of sin.

Give Positive answer

God has unlimited name. All religions are good. God is one. He is our real father. His name is Om, Ram, Rahim, krishan, khuda, Allah, nanak, satnam, Esa, sai and sham. You can give his father name. No issue.

Also it is very natural truth. God is our father. God is your upcoming baby father.

B ) If Woman is married and she may worried of many kids already

At that time, she should be positive

Negative Mind Question

How can I educate many kids. We are poor. So, we have to kill it through abortion pills or through abortion surgery. Who will know, there was a baby in my stomach few days after completing the process. Who is seeing us.

This is big mistake
God is always seeing your negative mind and give punishment if you take the action on the basis of your negative mind
So, bring positivity in your mind by giving answer to mind and taking positive action

God has given natural education to whole animals of the world

God has taught the animals swimming

God has taught the birds to fly

God has taught the birds hunting

God has taught the tiger animal hunting

I am pregnant because God needs one more tiger to this world. My baby will learn this hunting from birth. My baby will have the self confidence from birth. My baby will have the willpower from birth.

My baby will have the the power of never give up thoughts from birth.

My baby will also do the practice and will become the prefect in every skill of the world.

I am also brave and I am taking big decision. I will not kill my baby and I just do the duty to educate my baby

My same baby will the prime minister of this country. My baby will become the king of this world.
My baby will make me rich. My baby will make me happy.

Watch Video Explanation with More Detail and Simplify the Concept 

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