How to Overcome Emotional Guilty - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

Today, we will teach you to overcome one negative emotion and its name is guilt or guilty. First of all, understand the meaning of guilt. If you have done any mistake or do any wrong behavior. After this, you remember this mistake or wrong behavior. You feel very upset by thinking that you are responsible for that mistake. If you will feel continually about this, it is called guilt. It is healthy upto some limit to give us alert not to do same mistake in future. If you continually and all time make you responsible for bad things happen in past. It means, you have negative guilty emotion and you are making bad with this bad thinking. With this, you are losing the enjoy of life. You remove your all happiness.

A person who have the guilty emotion will decrease his level of happiness. Every time, you punish yourself by guilty feeling. I am responsible for this. I am killer. I am so bad. I do not right to live the life. So, now, it is the question. How to remove this. It is the matter of your mind. It is the matter of your brain. You are continually thinking negative.

 If you have the goal and you want to focus your energy. with this negative emotion, you will be unable. With this, your health will decrease day by day. Your level of peace will decrease with this.

Come and join the mission to overcome of guilty feeling

1. Change your language

If you are thinking negative. You will say in guilty. I had done wrong. I had done wrong. I had done wrong.

Recently. I attended a woman's call. She told me that he made an unethical relation with a person. With this lust, I captured in dangerous disease due to weakness of my immune system. It is correct. Unethical relation brings dangerous diseases. Now, I am responsible for this. She repeatedly told me that she did wrong. She did wrong. She is the patient of negative emotion of guilty. It is also your mistake. If you had unethical relation in past. Forget it. Focus on Brahmcharya. If you did any mistake. You can now improve it. You were bad in past but you may good today. There is no one who did not do mistake in this world. Even, I can also do mistake. But I can improve today by changing my language.

Negative language 

1. I am responsible for this happening

2. It happens due to my mistake

3. I did so bad. I am bad person

Positive Language

1. I have taken lesson and I spend my time to save others from this mistake.

2. I am thankful to god for happening this in my life. This is great lesson to transform my life.

3. It was my mistake now. By positive actions. I will improve it.

2. Apologize

If you had done mistake in reality. You can improve it by apologies. If your behavior was wrong and you are thinking about this. Then face same person and say. I am really sorry. I do not repeat same mistake again. If you will apologize honestly with your real feeling, other person will surely forgive to you.

3. Take Positive Action to Stop to Repeat Same Mistake

You did the mistake two or three or four times. and now, you have made the habit of doing same mistake. Change this habit by not repeating same mistake. Say yourself. I have taken big lesson from this mistake. I will not repeat and I will not improve myself as a better person.

4. Forgive Yourself

If other will do mistake. You should forgive them. If you do mistake. You should forgive yourself also. Because you should remember. You and your mind is two different person. If you will not forgive your mind. It means, you are developing your ego in the darkness of your guilty emotion which will waste your whole energy.

5. Start a new day with Positive Energy

Start your day with smile and laugh. Bring your positive emotion like love, trust and hope only instead guilt.

6. Start Selfless Donation Activity

Your past guilty became your present negative emotion guilt and it is consuming your present and future through your thinking about same happening through misuse your imagination power and thinking power.

For example, you have appointed an employee who does not do the work and only eat your money. Do you like? No. All time, you blame on yourself. You say all time that you are wrong. You are wrong. I did crime. Cut you hand. Cut your tongue. Cut your eyes. Cut your foot.

Go to mad home for selfless activities.

Go to school for helping poor and needy students.

Education online and offline free of cost

It will make you busy positive way and you will win your life with fight of negative emotion

7. Chanting of Om

With om chanting. You will meditate your mind. Mind will be under your control and you will overcome guilt emotion.

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