Top 8 Height Increasing Yoga Asanas

Today, we will explain and give practical demonstration of  top 8 yoga asans which helps you to increase your height. All these asans, you need to do daily basis for minimum 60 days morning and evening from 30 to 60 seconds and repeat it 2 to 4 times.

So, come and learn Top 8 Height Increasing Yoga Asanas

1. Bhujang Asan

It is also called cobra pose. It helps to flexible the spinal bone which is very important to increase the height. Start it from 30 seconds and then increase the time. First of all opposite shavasan and then with the help of two hands, lift the upper body and see the sky.

2. Sarvang Asan 

First of all do norml shav asan and then lift the foot above and support it with your two hands.

3. Hasth padan asana

It is also called hand to foot bend pose. Because we bend our stomach and touch the hand on the earth near foot.

Initial Stage of this Asan is Tarasan. Sit Tarasan for 30 to 60 seconds and then do hasthpadan asan . So, we will not give extra tarasan which is also important like this.

Padmasan is also yogic asan after completing every asan. So, we will not give extra.

4. Adho mukha asana

This asan is also called rock asan. It decreases the stress and increases energy level which we need to increase the height.

5. Trikonasana

Trikon asan is also called tringle pose. It increases bothan arms and spine.

6. Danur Asan

Danur asan also increases who body because whole body will flexible. It is very difficult. So, you can start it  from 5 to 10 seconds only.

7.Akashlakashye Asan

Sit on padma asan. Both finger and eyes, you have to go in the sky after taking long breath and then stop the breath. This is also called skygoal pose.

8. Chaker Asan

Chakar asan is very good for increasing height. It will make the flexible posture and relief the stress. We can do this with two way. One is through shav asan and second is through standing. It is also called wheel pose or circle pose.

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