How to Overcome Drinking Addiction

If you accept that you have drinking alcohol addiction and you want to overcome this drinking addiction, we can help you. But before you have to accept that you can not control this. You are unable to stop it. Your mind gets the pleasure drinking addiction when situations are adverse. You are drinking daily. You are chronic daily drinker at huge quantity and many times in a single day. Our help will surely give you confidence to remove this addiction.

Before explaining its simple step, I tell one point very clear. You can remove alcohol addiction if you will imagine it as poison. So, learn all contents relating to side effect of alcohol drinking on body and your health. It will damage your liver, your heart, your kidney and your brain. So, not it and imagine it every-time when you are start to drink.

1. Remember daily for 100 times that You are Diamond

Yes, you came in this world for big goal. Due to failure, you may come in alcohol drinking and now you are alcohol drinker. But, you have to understand the mechanism of your brain. Your brain uses your all good and bad habit for saving oxygen energy. It has limited resource. so, it saved repeated action and next time, action automatically because you had repeated past. So, you can change the action from bad action to good action and it will become your habit. Because repeating of good action will become good habit. It means, you will take all the good action for stop drinking and one day, your brain will reject to drink and you will win.

2. Make the List of All triggers which are Responsible for Drinking Alcohol

It is necessary because every day you can take third step to stop it if you have the track of all triggers and situations which are responsible for drinking alcohol. It is just if you have record your income and expenses, you can make better budget for next time controlling your expenses and boost your income.

Main triggers may be

1. Your Stress
2. Your negative feeling like fear, anger, greed and egotism

3. Avoid the Triggers which are responsible for drinking alcohol. 

Now, from beginning of the day, you have to start focus and action to avoid triggers and when you will start to repeat the action to avoid the triggers, you will make a great good habit of non drinker and one day, your brain will record this repeated action in his brain and will take automatically action to stop you to drink and you will be winner and you will overcome the drinking addiction.

Your Trigger Avoid Action

1. To do yoga and mediation for removing stress
2. To feel positive by giving water to plants, reading motivational books and watching motivational videos.

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