Top 5 Weight Growing Gym Exercise

Without gym exercise there is not possible of healthy weight gain. Because in gym, you will make the muscles. These muscles will save the store of your energy. So, your weight will increase. Second, it will save from uncontrolled fat in body. So, all those who want to increase weight should do gyme exercise. There are two types of gym exercises. One is without equipment and second is with equipment. In gym, you can do either body weight exercises or with the help of weights. So, come and learn top 5 weight growing gym exercises.

1. Push Up

Push up is very necessary. With push up, you can increase your healthy weight because with push up, you can make your upper body muscles. Gama Pehlwan's weight was 113 Kgs. He used to do daily 3000 push up. With this, his muscle weight has increased and it also increased his diet.

Ram Prasad bisimil has fixed schedule of doing push up daily. He had influnced from Prof. Ram Murti Dand Bathak.

There are following main types of push ups

1. Prof. Ram Murti Push ups

My Role Model Ram Parsad Bismil recommended to do Prof. Rammurty Push-ups. It gives strength to the immune system. In this push-up, breathing is important. Understand from me. Practice daily from 10 and carry it upto 100 and become pro- master by doing 200 same push up. It will surely decrease immune deficiency

2. Military Push Ups

If you want to grow your weight fastly, you need to do Military Push Ups 100 morning and 100 evening. It will increase the demand of food and same food make your upper body muscles. So, you will check your weight 5 to 10 kgs will increase easily.

3. Clapping push ups

To do clapping push ups is very simple. Just do simple push up and when you go upward, you have to carry your hand at full extension. Now pull your hand ups You must leave the floor. After off the floor, you have to do clapping. After completing clapping, it will be your one clapping push up. Now, you have to repeat this push up jump and clapping and you can do as your capacity. I have completed 25.

One of the great benefit of clapping push ups that it will increase your weight. Because you need more food and gives milk to your body.

2. Pull Up

Pull up is also good gym exercise for increasing weight. It is also upper body exercise. I can do 50 pull ups non stop and also I have cleared 1050 pull ups in 7 days means 150 pull ups a day. Like this, you need to set your goal, if you want to grow your weight.

 3. Bench Press

If you will make the goal of bench press of 100 kgs and its 10 set and 3 time repeat daily, it will surely increase your weight.

4. Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is also good for increasing weight fastly because it increase the size of all the muscles of body.

5. Dumbbell Press 

Dumbbell press will increase your biceps and with this, your weight will increase. If you will use dumbbell press for chest exercise, it will increase the size of your chest. For you have to press dumbbell like bench press. You have to do 10 reps in 3 set.

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