5 Best Natural Medicine for Cough

Have you cough in your lungs and also inside of your neck? Are you facing short breathing due to this. If yes, our following best natural medicine will help to overcome this cough disease.

1. Ginger and Lemon Juice

This is best natural medicine for cough. Just buy both from market. Grind the ginger and add lemon in it. Add it in one glass of water mix it properly and drink. Drink it 3 times a day and all cough will come out from your body.

2. Drink Hot Water 

If you will drink hot water for few days, your cough infection will remove

3. To Warm Up Neck with Hot water and Salt

If inside of neck there is swelling. Then, warm up water and add some salt in it and gargle for 10 to 0 times and repeat in whole day. It will help to remove the cough.

4. Bath in Hot Water

If you will both morning and evening in hot water, it will help to liquify your all bulgum and you can withdraw yourself from cough.

5. Muleti 

If you will add muleti in milk and drink, it will become natural medicine for your cough because it has lots of great content. 

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