Why should Go to Toilet in Every Evening

Like any other habits, to go to toilet everyday is a habit. If it is not your habit, it means, you have no time to go to toilet and it is sure, you have no time to eat. In end, there will no time, you will in disease city. So, to make better toilet habit is very necessary. From long time, I am explaining the importance of toilet. Toilet is very necessary because it removes dust from body. Now, come the question, why should go to toilet in every evening. Evening start from 6 pm. It means, you go to toilet from 6 to 7 pm. Following are its main reasons.

1. It will clean the Descending Colon

You know that everyone eat 3 times minimum in a day. After digesting by our stomach food dust will store in our descending colon which is last part of big intestine. So, total time will spend of digesting morning food just 8 hrs. It means, its dust must be removed by going to toilet in 6 pm every evening. Now, afternoon and evening food will start to digest and morning 3 am to 3:30 am, we have to go toilet also. If we will not clean our descending colon on the time, descending colon will narrow with overload of dust. So, the situation will come which is called constipation. So, food dust will not pass and same dust will add in body and mix in blood circulation system and will increase the diseases.

2. Your Blood will Become More Pure

If you will remove your dust every evening by going to toilet, your body will make pure blood and dust will not mix in it. It is just like dust in your room, if you will clean room everyday, it will look shine and otherwise, it will look dirty. 

3. You Can Cure Your Gas Problems

If you have 10 years or 5 years old gas problem, main reason of this, you have no evening toilet habit. So, now today is good time to make the positive action by going to toilet and make it habit by practise daily to go to toilet at every evening.

4. You Can Cure Your Stomach Problems

If you have lots of stomach problems, you can cure it because collected dust in stomach is the main root of stomach problem. If you digest good food and go to toilet at every evening, it is sure, you will get its natural solution.

5. Your will Cure your Constipation Problem Naturally

All will go to toilet at morning time but no one goes to toilet at evening time. That is reason, every person in this world are facing constipation. Animals will toilet two or more times because they have god gift to keep zero dust in body but human being has to make this good habit. We can make this good habit by repeat and repeat and repeat. No other way to make this good habit. Stop all your important work and follow this rule strictly and you will cure your constipation naturally.

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