Great Results of My Eating of Raw Food for 60 Days Non-Stop

Recently from 21st Feb. 2018 to 21st April 2018, I ate only raw food without any use of fire or cooking. Following are its great results for my health.

1. My Energy level has increased

I compared my energy level both when I ate cooked food and when I ate not cooked food and I found result that my energy level has increased for my day to day work with raw food.

2. My Laziness has Decreased

With raw food, my laziness has decreased. I got up 3 am without any problem and slept 9 pm and non stop without any laziness, I work for my projects.

3. I have Succeeded to Control My Mind Better Way

I have won many addictions through controlling my food. All were happened due to cooked food. I just started to eat raw food and got success to control my mind.

4. I felt Pride for this Success

I felt pride for this success. If I got challenge, I feel good after achieving that challenge in my life.

5. My Happiness Level Has Increased

I have received good nutritional contents in my body due to raw food which has increased my happiness level

6. My Health, Fitness, Strength and Flexibility  and Speed Level has Increased

My body has totally fit and fine. I felt more healthy person. My strength level, flexibility level and speed level has increased

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