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8 Best Hanging Exercises to Increase Height


In previous video, I have mentioned some hanging video for height increase. If you do not watch, watch now at here.
In this video, I have showed all 8 best hanging exercises to increase height. If you want to increase your height, try to do its more and more set and with more time on hanging rode. With this, it is sure, your height will increase some inches to foot.

List of these 8 best Hanging Exercises

1. Simple Moving Hanging Exercises
2. Side moving hanging exercises
3. Body Moving Straight Hanging Exercises
4. Side Body moving Hanging Exercises
5. Meditation Hanging Exercises
6. Cycle Hanging Exercises
7. Complex Moving Hanging Exercises
8. Foot and Hand Both Hanging Exercises

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How to Increase Height Naturally - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

You can increase your height naturally. Yes, with the help of naturopathy, you can grow your height even after 30+. For this, you need to follow strict rules and regulations.

1. Use the power of mind through meditation

2. Stop to eat unnatural food like non-veg., eggs, briyani, meat,

2 (I) Stop to drink tea and cold water

3. Start to eat the food which increase height growing harmons naturally

3 (I) Eat more and more fruits ans seasonal raw vegetables.

4. Do exercise which will increase the size of bone and musceles.

I) Hanging Exercises

II) Jumping

III) Split Exercises

IV)  Swimming

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How to Decrease Creatinine Level - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

1. Do you want to know "How to Decrease Creatinine Level  naturally?
2. Do you have desire to know the simple steps to Bring Down High Creatinine Levels?
3. Do you know simple steps  to Repair Kidney Damage naturally?
4. Do you want to cure kidney failure naturally?
5. Have you interest to Increase your Kideny GFR?
6. Do you want to save your life from dialysis?
7. Do you want to become the part of my mission  to Detoxify world's people Kidneys Naturally.
8. In future, do you want to overcome your fear of kidney diseases?
9. Do you want to save yourself from kidney surgery?
10. Want to know best naturopathy take care of kidney.

My this video is simple, best and miracle  natural solution of your all above physical problems. So, watch minimum 10 times above video and take immediate action on this video.

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How to Overcome Non Veg Addiction - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

If you have decided to overcome non veg addiction, we are here to help you to boost your power to stop non veg addiction all time. Following are its simple steps

1. Remember all eat meat due to taste not for health. If you want to eat for health, determine to stop it.
2. Keep the list of biggest side-effect of eating non veg in your pocket, read when your mind will say to eat it. By reading, you mind will start to fear and not to eat.

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How to Control Ego?

Ego means I. It means to show all time self-image. Human being can not be perfect in all. But when a person has egotism, he thinks, he is perfect in all and started to feel negative if anyone hurt his ego. There are lots stress, anger, jealousy emotions will come and you will never be healthy and happy. So, it is very necessary to control the ego. Following are very simple steps to control ego. If you will follow these steps, you will control ego and same ego energy, you can use for achieving your goal very fastly. You will be all time healthy.

 1. When a person has insulted you, never take it personal.

 2. Never share your plan to the person who is not in your team 

3. Apologize if you do mistake, forgive, if other did mistake. 

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How to Mud Bath ( Mud Therapy )

Mud bath therapy is a naturopathy technique to detoxify full body. It is also helpful to relief all type pains and relax body muscles and cure skin diseases. If you want mud bath, you need to follow following steps

 1st Step. 

Fully wet soil for 2 to 4 days.

2nd Step.

 Soil should be like water form for better mud bath results.

3rd Step.

 Go into mud water.

4th Step.

 Cover your whole body.

5th Step. 

Keep it for half hour to 1 hr for better results.

6th Step. 

clean mud by clean water bathing in end.

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How to Get Prepared for Early Morning Exercise

Today we will tell you how to prepare for morning exercise. As soon as morning will come, you will start to give excuse not to go to exercise. It is 3 o'clock in the morning. You fall asleep again. You do not go to exercise. Now this time, I will teach you about how to get prepare for early morning exercise with a smart way. Like I would say that there is a child, he comes to school everyday late. So what will I explain to him. I will teach to get prepared for coming school on time. He will learn and will come on the time. There is another such child. He does not always remember my school work. I will teach to get prepared for remembering any concept. He will learn and he will get success to remember anything. You  are a 5 or 10 year old child. Imagine You are a child at this time. Your age is sixty years or seventy years. Or any but you are a child at this time. Because the focus of the fit is your desire. If you have to pay attention to your fit, then you have to do exercise.


Best Yoga Asanas for Hernia

All asanas are the part of yog and also used in naturopathy for treating the diseases. Because we get air and earth power from asanas. Naturopathy is based on 5 elements of nature, air, water, sky, fire and earth.

 In hernia,

bhujang asan and pashimotamasan are most important for curing.

 Sarvangasan is also helpful but if the patient has also high blood pressure and heart problem, he should not do.

 If he is normal from BP and Heart disease, he can do.

So, understand it and more careful about your breathing in these asanas.

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Practice of Yoga - Part 1 | Yamas - Truth

In the first part of practice of yoga, yoga will start from its first part yamas out of its 8 parts. In this part of yoga, we have to start right living. In this living, we have to leave lie and practice of truth. Whatever the situation in the life, we will speak only truth and we will not speak lie. With this, we can take next step in yoga. With this, your health will increase Because this part of yoga will remove your stress and your white cell will use their energy for killing your all infections and you will be cured fastly. You have to become truthful.

How to Respect Others - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

There are simple 7 ways of "How to Respect Others?"  With this, you can learn  respect others.

1. Forgive the person who insulted you.
2. Apologize if You have insulted other person.
3. Always say thanks in the end of talk - Best Way to Express Your Gratitude
4. Say the please if you want other's help for your own work. 
5. Be a good listener
6. Ask more and more questions 
7. Appreciate other's work

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3 Top Fears Patients May Not Know Patients Have

There are lots of patients come on my whatsapp video talk and asking same question but does not tell that they are fearing. During the talk, I can see sad face, short breath and all symptoms of fear. Because, they do not know, it is fear. So, they do not accept it and live in same situation. So, here, I am explaining list of such 3 major fears which patients may not know but patient have and I have also explained how to overcome all such fears.

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How to Overcome the Fear of Cancer

You are fearing from cancer or you have cancer phobia because you have not knowledge of cancer from basis of naturopathy, Today, I am re-imagining of cancer in your mind. As per naturopathy,  cancer is very very normal disease and it is fully curable within one month if you will follow following simple principles.

0. Speak daily in loud voice and full of mind energy that cancer is normal disease. I will follow Dr. Vinod's naturopathy treatment of cancer and I will be fully cured or I will become brave to face it.

1. Walk 20 kms daily.
2. Eat only fruit and green vegetables.
3. Stop to eat non-veg., eggs, salt, sweet and its products,  oily and fast food, meda food and all outside readymade food, food by use of pressure cooker.
4. Drink more water and do more exercise
5. Follow brahmchariya strictly. Even you are married. Control on sexual desire and use same energy for curing this disease.

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15- Minute Gratitude of God that will Cure Your All Diseases

We all want to cure our all diseases but we are unable to cure all diseases. Why? Why? This is big question which may come in our mind. We have eaten lots of allopathic and homeopathic medicine but still we are in disease and disease is increasing day by day.

Main reason of this is the shortage of oxygen and oxygen shortage in body will increase the toxin in the body. For better oxygen in body, our lungs, diaphragm and heart is so important. If there is low capacity, it means, low volume of oxygen in body. So, for increasing its capacity, we need to control our stress and negative thoughts. It can easily overcome with pray of God through gratitude feeling that God is kind and he is giving unlimited boons.

1. Thanks of God that You are not the part of big horrible accidents of the world

There are lots of people died in this world but you are safe. This is possible because God loves you. So, you need to thanks to god for this kindness.

2. Thanks of God that you are not the part of jail


15-Minute Workout That Cures Your All Diseases

Do you want to cure your all diseases within 15 minutes? These 3 simple exercises of each 5-minute will cure your all disease. It does not matter whether your doctor says that your disease is curable or incurable. So, just spend 15 minutes to become healthy and fit as before the diseases. In this word, everyone has only 15 minutes to do these 3 simple exercises to become healthy and fit all time.

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How to Follow Brahmacharya in Digital Age 2018

Before understanding the concept of "How to Follow Brahmacharya in Digital Age 2018?, you should know what is the meaning of Brahmacharya.

Brahmacharya means to give your whole life for gaining true knowledge and devote your life for this.

For this, your focus of mind should be to gain knowledge. It is impossible if your minds wants to get pleasure in the form of different sexual food, anger food, ego food and waste his energy of sex, anger and ego and greed. If your mind is addicted to these negative emotions, you will be unable to use this energy for good cause of knowledge gaining.

Today to follow brahmacharya became more difficult than ancient age of India. One is process of information from second parties to you is super fast than old age due to internet. Lust thoughts of other can attack on you anytime and anywhere without any defense.

First of all you should learn, how mind adapt these lust thoughts and how fastly our body takes action.

Following are the steps "How t…

How to Make Gulab ka Sharbat

Following are the simple Steps to make the Gulab ka Sharbat

1st Step Take the Gulab Flowers

Just go to your kitchen garden and take many gulab flowers.

2nd Step : It its leave in Bag
Add its leaves in your cotton bag. 

3rd Step : Clean it 
Clean it. There may be ant or other small creatures which may be poison. So, remove it.

4th Step : Clean it in Water
Again clean the gulab flowers in water.

5th Step : Take Hand Grinder
It is helpful to keep the nutritional value.

6th Step : Grind the Flowers
For making the sharbat, it is necessary. 

7th Step : Add Sharbat in Jug and Filter it
Now your gulab sharbat is ready. 

How to Overcome Drinking Addiction

If you accept that you have drinking alcohol addiction and you want to overcome this drinking addiction, we can help you. But before you have to accept that you can not control this. You are unable to stop it. Your mind gets the pleasure drinking addiction when situations are adverse. You are drinking daily. You are chronic daily drinker at huge quantity and many times in a single day. Our help will surely give you confidence to remove this addiction.

Before explaining its simple step, I tell one point very clear. You can remove alcohol addiction if you will imagine it as poison. So, learn all contents relating to side effect of alcohol drinking on body and your health. It will damage your liver, your heart, your kidney and your brain. So, not it and imagine it every-time when you are start to drink.

1. Remember daily for 100 times that You are Diamond

Yes, you came in this world for big goal. Due to failure, you may come in alcohol drinking and now you are alcohol drinker. But, you h…

Treatment of Hydrocele without Surgery

Hydrocele is disease in which there is dust fluids near testicles in your scrotum pouch. There may be the swelling in the scrotum. If you do not treat the hydrocele on the time, it may be converted into sexual transmitted infection. In last stage of hernia, you may face inguinal hernia into scrotum  problem or tumor or scrotum cancer.

God has made a wonderful system in human body. A male person what he will eat, it will convert in semen after 40 days. So, for keeping it same, God has made the scrotum. In scrotum, there are two testicles where is semen and sperm for reproduction. But due to our bad habits, there may be dust in scrotum. This dust is in liquid form. It may be fluid dust or blood blockage. So, here will be swelling and pain.

Due to our bad eating habit and sexual habit, this problem comes in our front. We eat bad. We do more sexual activities whose bad impacts on our health. If you waste your semen through masturbation or nightfall. Due to this, this problem may arise.


Treatment of Varicocele without Surgery

Whether it is varicocele disease or hydrocele disease or sinusitis desease or any other disease, all are the mistake of your life style because you did not face any outside accident for happening all these diseases.

What is Varicocele Disease

You know that your all power is collected in your testicles by God' natural system. If its veins are defected due to dust and dusted blood did not return to heart, then, a disease will come into existence and its name is varicocele.

Symptoms of Varicocele Disease

1. You face swelling in testicles.
2. Your sperm count may be low.
3. You may be male inferiority. It means, you have spent your 2 to 5 year life in relationship and still, you did not have any kid. It means, all energy has wasted if you did not achieve the goal of baby and after test, it may be due to varicocele disease.

Before naturopathy treatment of varicocele without surgery, I am teaching you the basics of veins.

What are the Veins?

Our body is double highway. You have seen highw…

Why is My Inguinal Hernia not Healing?

Inguinal hernia may be in the lower part of stomach and may be painful in testicle  also or there may be swelling. When patient starts naturopathy treatment, it takes time for detoxin the body.

So after few days of patient starts to ask the question, " Why is My Inguinal Hernia not Healing?"

Same question has asked today patient from UK.

I replied with following way. 

1. Before naturopathy treatment, you have inguinal hernia problem and also pain in testicle. Now, you have started again you are looking several time a day and focusing on same problem. That is the reason, you are not using your whole mind energy for following naturopathy rules.

For Example

I am going to walking for 10 kms. I am walking 10 kms but my mind is in my home of my stolen wallet. What will happen? All know that walking gives stress relief but you are not the case because you are focusing whole time on the problem of your stolen wallet. So, there is not benefit of walking.

Walking has great benefit for…

How to Relief Hernia Pain

In previous lecture, I told you the simple steps to cure hernia naturally. In this lecture, I will mention the steps to relief hernia pain naturally without eating of any pain killer. Following are simple steps for getting relief of hernia pain naturally.

 1. Wear Support Clothes

If you have the hernia, it is sure, your internal skill of abdominal has torn. So, you are feeling pain when intestine come out from hole. So, you need to support tear part of internal skin of abdominal part, you should use cotton clothe. Just half feet size and length as per your stomach size cotton cloth. Tie it where you are feeling pain. You can wrap up all the parts of pain.

 2. Use less quantity of Food

Some people have bad habit of eating too much food together. After facing hernia, they make same routine. This is wrong. They have to eat small quantity of food. If they have hunger, they can eat next time. So, first food will digest easily without giving pain on hernia hole. There is already burden in i…

35 Ways to Control Anxiety

Following are the 35 ways to control anxiety.

1. Live Today Live Today

You will live today life today. You will have to stop the doors of past and future. With this, you can control you anxiety.

2. Accept What you do not Control

If something is not under your control. Accept it. You will ask yourself what will worst. You will accept it and try to improve it.

3. Fight with Tension

You will have to fight with tension for controlling anxiety.

4. Diagnose the Problem

You have to diagnose the problem by asking what is the problem. What are the causes of problem. What are different ways , alternatives and substitutes to solve the problem? What is the best solution of the problem

5. Busy in Your Work

You have to busy in your work for controlling anxiety

6. Forget Small Things

You need to forget small things for overcome the anxiety

7. Life is Small and it Should be Good

You will think always. Your life is small and it should be good. It will not busy in anxiety.

8. Find the Average of Happening of …

What are the Side Effects of Surgically Correcting Hernia?

If you go to any surgeon in the world, he will surely say you that there is not side effects of surgically correcting hernia. Because he has only focus on this. But as a patient, you should also focus on different aspects which I am showing as a naturopathy Doctor.

1. Nature Does n't Recommend to Do Hernia Surgery 

There is big system of inside of body, there are lots of blood vessels, blood veins, liver, heart, kidney, intestine small and large and appendix. All are made through God's nature. If there is something damage from your bad life style, it can be improved through nature's self-healing process. Nature don't allow you to disturb its self healing process which need only to eat healing food that are fruits and vegetables, exercise, yog an asan.

If nature want to heal through surgery, it will allow us to make body machine like a car machine. It can give us different tools and equipments to open it and repair it. Whole body is sealed and only mouth and nose are th…

3 Biggest Health Mistakes in Toilet

Following are 3 biggest health  mistakes in toilet which can easily improve

1. Never pressure or hard push during toilet

use enema.
Stop to eat non-veg.,eggs, salt, sugar, meda and tea.

2. Never sit long time in toilet

walk 20 kms and fast

3. Never use english seat in toilet

stop to use english seat, use only bhartiya toilet seat.

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How to Live 400 Years

Yes everyone can live 400 years. In India, people were living more than  400 years. God has given the gift to human being but human and whole new generation has created limitation of long age by their bad habits. So, follow good habits and live 400 years.

1. Bring world pollution at zero level by going everwhere through walking and stop to use machine by working with own hands.
2. Save from chronic disease like High BP, diabetes, cancer, Heart diseases and brain diseases. For this, we have to walk 20 kms daily and do exercise with hands for minimum 2 hrs daily.
3. Stop to eat non-veg., eggs, meat, salt, sugar food, fast food, junk food,  drugs, alchol, smoking, meda food and cold water and use of pressure cooker.
4. Eat more  and more fruits, green organic vegetables and cow milk
5. Boost immune system by following brahmcharya.
6. Do Yoga for breathing control.

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6 Health Habits for 2018

1. Dream for best health

 2. See yourself always as a healthy person 

3. Improvement of your health mistake.

 4. Invest more time for making health 

5. Get new knowledge in the field of health.

 6. Share your health knowledge with others.

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How to Chew Food 32 Times

If you will start to chew food 32 times for solve your obesity problem or digestion problem, you will face the problem to enjoy the taste of food or counting 32 times of chewing.

With this, your good habit will not become. It is the simple rule of making new habit, it must be so simple upto be no extra effort. So, now you can do this by downloading any google play app of focus.

 In this set 32 second and break one second. Now, you will see live process of 32 second. Means 32 times chewing and you will achieve this goal and it will become your good health habit.

 Moreover, your focus will on the taste and chewing instead counting the number of 32, 32 every time when you start eating.

How to Eat Healthy Food

Just cut raw natural vegetables. It may be green vegetables, tomato and green grams. Now, take one piece of your fresh roti and grind it for 20+ times. This is the best way to eat healthy food.

Side Effects of Artificial food coloring for Health

Following are Side Effects of Artificial food coloring for Health.

 1. Developing of tumor in body. 

2. Developing of cancer.

 3. Behavior disorder of kids.

 4. More toxin which is not remove by liver and kidney.

7 Bad Health Habits of Women

1st Bad Health Habit of women : 

Use Old Bread to Eat 7 Days

 2nd Bad Health Habit of women :

 Use Old oily food for making bread

 3rd Bad Health Habit of women : 

Use Pressure Cooker

 4th Bad Health Habit of Women :

 Fight in Kitchen

5th Bad Health Habit of Women :

 Food is ready in just 2 minutes

6th Bad Health Habit of Women : 

Eat Late Night Food

7th Bad Health Habit of Women :

 Tasty is Healthy

10 Laws to Be Anxiety Free - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

After study lots of self-help and psychological books, I found 10 best laws to Be Anxiety Free. If you will apply it in your daily life for 30 days, you can easily become a person who is totally anxiety free.

1. Concentration on your Biggest Goal.
2. Determination for your Biggest Goal.
3. Gratitude for other's Kindness
4. Appreciation for Other's work
5. Respect for Others
6. Forgive for other's mistakes
7. Pardon for own mistakes from others
8. Trust on other
9. Self confidence to face other
10. Hope for happening what you want in future.

If you will not follow above 10 rules, you will not control your anxiety, if you have to control your anxiety, you need to start

1. Focus on goal
2. Become active with determination instead lazy person
3. Be a thankful person and avoid complain
4. Stop to criticize habit by appreciation
5. Never insult other by respect other
6. Clear your mind from ego thoughts by forgive other
7. Clear your mind from ego thoughts by pardon from other

7 Top Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises

If you have shoulder pain, you can get relief from following top 7 exercises.

 1. Shoulder Flexibility Exercise

 2. Shoulder Rotate Exercise

 3. Back hand joint Exercise

 4. Shoulder Cross Forward Exercise

 5. Shoulder Cross Back Exercise

 6. Shoulder Pity Exercise

 7. Upper Back Bend Exercise

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How to Control Anger - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

Yes, control on anger is so easy but due to you are the habit of anger, you are not understanding the concept to control anger. Yes, you can control. For this, you just focus your energy to do following workout of mental exercise for 30 days. This mental exercise will control your anger like a person who did workout honestly in gym will have the muscles to lift weight anytime anywhere without bringing any difficulty in mind. So, understand the steps to control anger and use it in daily basis 3 times for 30 days.

1st Step : Visualise Anger as Poison for Your Body 

1st Sub Step

 Take the blank paper

2nd Sub Step

write all the side-effects of Anger

3rd Sub Step

Visualise all Side -effects as poison to your Body when you start to Anger. You can use images on your mobile.

4th Sub Step

For 30 Days, daily speak these side effect's list 3 times in a day.

List May be like for command to mind

1. If I will anger, I will face the weakness of 7 days fever
2. If I will anger, I will face the bu…

How to Increase Sperm Volume

Yes, you can increase your sperm volume. More sperm volume means more sperm count and you can achieve your goal of baby.

1st Step. Stop to eat fast food, packed food, junk food and non-veg., meat and eggs 

All are unnatural food and decrease your sperm volume. So, stop it immediately.

2nd Step : Eat More Organic Fruits and Vegetables. 

All organic fruits and vegetable are good for you. It has enough power to increase your sperm volume. So, include it in your diet.

3rd Step : Eat Sprout

If you will eat sprout, your sperm will grow fastly. It is more natural source of power instead cooked food.

4th Step : Spend Your Time in Nature

If you will get direct sun, you will get power to increase your sperm volume.

5th Step : Stop to Drink Alcohol and Smoking

Both will decrease your sperm volume. So, increase it by stopping it.

6th Step : Follow Brahmcharya

It means, you now, stop sex with wife minimum 3 months.

How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

If you want to increase your sperm count naturally and fastly without any use of medicine, please follow following strict rules

1st Step.

Eat only organic food because food which is made through chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and chemical ripening usages will decrease your sperm count. All these chemical will give bad effect to your reproductive glands and your hormones will become imbalance. So, you only organic fertilizers and organic pesticides in your kitchen garden and eat its fruits and vegetables.

2nd Step.

 Follow Brahmcharya. It means saving of semen from sex of wife for one year and also stop to do masturbation and stop to think about lust and sex desire.

3rd Step.

 Stop to eat unnatural food like non-veg., meat, eggs, fast food, junk food, outside food, and drinking cold water and tea.

4th Step. 

Do exercise

5th Step. 

Become morning person

6th Step. 

Live stress free life with meditation and laughing therapy

If you want to do naturopathy treatment for increasing your …

List of Indian Vegetables

I am making a list of all the vegetables growing in India. Which you can eat and cure your all the diseases.

 potato  Ginger Arabi Brinjal Cabbage  Cauliflower tomatoes  Gheeya  Tumip  ladyfinger Tinda  sugar beets  onion  Tory bitter gourd  coriander Peppermint Beans  Garlic Parwal Cucumber  cucumber Greens of Sarso Radish  Sweet potato carrot  Amaranth greens capsicum  Rava ki phalia  Raw corn  Comfort Kannakar Fenugreek peas  Spinach  Guar ke falley  Jackfruit  Greed Mire  Kundari  Elovira  Bakla  Ziminate Vertically  Raw papaya Chapar kadu  Rounded  White petha  Arhar's Faliya  Green chole  Raw mung

Eggs Eating is Biggest Mistake in Diet

Yes, Eggs Eating is Biggest Mistake in Diet because it has lots of health side effects in long term.

1. Eggs eating brings kidney problem. Filter will not work properly.

2. Eggs eating brings fatty liver problem

3. Eggs eating brings heart diseases

A person who eats the eggs will face the risk of heart disease because eggs decreases the supply of oxygen to the heart. Due to this, blood vessel will become weak. It also increases the cholesterol. If you want to save from heart disease, start to drink cow milk only for 30 days.

4. Eggs eating brings overweight
5. Eggs eating brings bad high cholesterol level
6. Eggs eating brings constipation

6.  Asthma 

Researchers worldwide have discovered that eating eggs regularly - one or two servings weekly - may increase  the risk of diseases ranging from asthma.

Regular consumption of eggs can increase  the risk of various diseases and disorders. Selected research findings indicate the following:

7. Brain and Eye Disease

All those who eat the eggs can f…

Top 5 Weight Growing Gym Exercise

Without gym exercise there is not possible of healthy weight gain. Because in gym, you will make the muscles. These muscles will save the store of your energy. So, your weight will increase. Second, it will save from uncontrolled fat in body. So, all those who want to increase weight should do gyme exercise. There are two types of gym exercises. One is without equipment and second is with equipment. In gym, you can do either body weight exercises or with the help of weights. So, come and learn top 5 weight growing gym exercises.

1. Push Up

Push up is very necessary. With push up, you can increase your healthy weight because with push up, you can make your upper body muscles. Gama Pehlwan's weight was 113 Kgs. He used to do daily 3000 push up. With this, his muscle weight has increased and it also increased his diet.

Ram Prasad bisimil has fixed schedule of doing push up daily. He had influnced from Prof. Ram Murti Dand Bathak.

There are following main types of push ups

1. Prof. Ram…

How to Gain 5 Kgs Weight in 10 Days

These days, people are interested to decrease the weight but there are lots of population who are underweight. So, it is very necessary to increase weight and bring it at optimum level fastly. One of great benefit of increasing weight for removing underweight that your capacity to fight disease will also increase.

For example, if your height is 5 feet and 7 inches. Your best weight must be 64 Kgs. So, if your weight is 56 kgs, it is your challenge to bring weight upto 61 Kgs in 10 Days. If you need to gain 5 kgs in 10 days, it means, you need to increase your weight 1/2 Kgs per day.

One of the great challenge of gaining weight is to become healthy. It is very easy to increase weight by eating junk food, fast food and Chinese food but you need to pay big price in the form of diseases. So, best way is natural way. Here, I am telling the best natural ways to gain 5 Kgs Weight in 10 Days

 Following are its simple steps.

(A) Food 

0. Before Breakfast 

Sprout of any Seed. One Plate. Best is …

Best Natural Medicine of Fever

If you have any type fever in your body, you must use the giloy. It is best natural medicine of fever. It is easily available in every home. If not, you can buy its plant and you can grow it in your pot also. If you have any type of fever and it is not cured by any medicine, you should use giloy juice morning and evening daily.

Making giloy juice is very easy. Take 1 branch of one feet. Break it in small pieces and grind it with davri sota. ( Traditional hand mixture ). Now, add one glass water in it and filter and juice will ready and you have to drink without any ice, salt and sugar. It will kill all your fever virus and you will be healthy.

I am sharing some snaps, it will help also to understand the procedure of making giloy juice for curing fever.

Except fever, it will boost immune system. It will remove cough and cold.

One of great benefit of this best natural medicine of fever that there is no side effect and its positive action is very fast.

5 Best Natural Medicine for Cough

Have you cough in your lungs and also inside of your neck? Are you facing short breathing due to this. If yes, our following best natural medicine will help to overcome this cough disease.

1. Ginger and Lemon Juice

This is best natural medicine for cough. Just buy both from market. Grind the ginger and add lemon in it. Add it in one glass of water mix it properly and drink. Drink it 3 times a day and all cough will come out from your body.

2. Drink Hot Water 

If you will drink hot water for few days, your cough infection will remove

3. To Warm Up Neck with Hot water and Salt

If inside of neck there is swelling. Then, warm up water and add some salt in it and gargle for 10 to 0 times and repeat in whole day. It will help to remove the cough.

4. Bath in Hot Water

If you will both morning and evening in hot water, it will help to liquify your all bulgum and you can withdraw yourself from cough.

5. Muleti 

If you will add muleti in milk and drink, it will become natural medicine for your coug…

Treatment of Piles without Surgery - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

Treatment of Piles without Surgery or natural treatment of piles or naturopathy treatement of piles is very easy but for this, you need to take positive actions which are listed below

1. Take only fruits for one week

For one week, you need to stop cooked food and come on the fruits only. One week is not big time but it will bring swelling and pain of piles at zero level because fruits have lots of vitamins. Because you did not eat it in past, so, there is the shortages of fiber and vitamins in your body and now recover it and cure your pile naturally.


a) Never eat any sore fruit
b) Never eat any unripened fruit
c) Never eat any fruit which was ripened through chemicals

2. Stop to eat non-veg. , meat, eggs, meda food, fast food, hotel food and cold food and salty food and oily food and sugar food

You need to stop  to eat non-veg. , meat, eggs, meda food, fast food, hotel food and cold food and salty food and oily food and sugar food because all are unnatural food and increasing…

How to Strength in My Body

You want to be strength in your body. Great! Everyone can set the goal of body strength. Actually body strength means strength of your muscles and bones. You have to make a strict plan for this. It will take some time, so, you need the patience for this. Following are the tips which are help to make to strength body fast

1. Stop to Eat Non-Veg., Eggs and Meat 

A large number of Doctors and gyms recommend to eat non-veg., eggs and meat. All are living in the room of ignorance. All non-veg. items will make you weak not increase your strength. So, stop it. Reason behind this is very clear. All food will not digest properly in our body. So, there will be lots of diseases. A diseased body can not make strength.

2. Drink Raw and Fresh Milk, Juice, Fruits, Sprouts and Green Vegetables

Many people has habit, they eat specific fruits and juice on specific day. That is wrong. Many people also drink tea instead milk. They are wrong. Tea is ill health food. Raw and fresh milk, fruits, juice and ra…

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